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Advantages Of Custom Moulded Footwear

Date :18-May-2022

Diabetics are more likely to experience foot problems. Though diabetes is a medical problem; diabetic foot problems are mainly Mechanical in nature. Wearing shoes made for your feet will help lower your risk .A decent diabetic shoe provides comfort as well as protection. Diabetic shoes protect the feet from ulcers, strains, and calluses.


Here are a few advantages of custom moulded footwear:

It accommodates well to the toe deformities caused by Neuropathy and also charcot foot deformity.

  • Protective outsole

The outsole's purpose is to give grip and protection to the footwear from the surfaces it will come into contact with. It must be able to resist thorns, nails, and sharp stones piercing the shoes and injuring your feet.

  • Soft insole

The insole should provide more cushioning and comfort to prevent blisters. 

A shoe with at least three layers of insole (composite insole) should be suggested over a single layer. The first layer of the sole is exceedingly soft, followed by a somewhat less soft second layer and a significantly less soft third layer. All of these factors contribute to an even distribution of pressure across our foot arches.

  • Arch support

This arch support on the inner side made in the insole helps patients with diabetes by limiting pronation.

Reduces pressure in the ball of the feet and prevents callus formation.

  • Heel counter

The heel counter assists the patient in keeping his or her foot straight while walking. The heel counter must be flat, stiff and durable. This helps to reduce unwanted and harmful ankle joint movements.

Do I need diabetic shoes?

Everyone with diabetes does not need to wear diabetic shoes. However, if you notice altered sensation in your feet(neuropathy), you should always switch to more comfortable and supportive footwear.

Some diabetics, on the other hand, have already acquired major foot problems. In this circumstance, custom-moulded shoes are a must to avoid serious issues which can lead to amputation of the foot.

When it comes to your foot health, don't take any chances.

Diabetic shoes are a simple approach to prevent serious consequences upto 85 percent.

If you have a concern or a question, you may always see a specialist from Madurai Foot Care Centre for the answers. We will gladly answer any of your queries and provide you with competent guidance. Visit


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