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Ideal Footwear For Diabetics

Date :19-Oct-2019

People always try to compliment their trendy outlook with stylish footwear even though they feel uncomfortable wearing them.

But improper shoes in diabetic people can trigger foot problems like small ulcers followed by infections that can sometimes lead to serious toe amputations.

A proper fitting shoe can reduce foot problems and amputations by as much as 85%. 

Proper footwear is stressed in diabetic patients to reduce the symptoms caused by Neuropathy (Nerve Damage). It is a condition in which excess sugar in the blood damages the peripheral nerves . due to the less oxygen and nutrient supply . These damaged nerves often will not feel any sensation during any injury. 

Doctors often recommend diabetic shoes or footwear as they are designed to serve specific functions that regular footwear will not cater to. 


Why foot wear is important in Diabetic patients? 

  • Diabetic foot problems are purely mechanical. As long as patient is going to walk he is going to put pressure on the foot
  • An ideal footwear should protect us from any injury from external objects like thorns, nails etc.
  • Besides, It should not cause any blisters or ulcers.(shoe bite injury).
  • It should support and stabilise any deformities in the foot.  


The below-mentioned features should be considered before buying any footwear for diabetic patients. 

INSOLE – The insole should provide extra cushioning and comfort against blisters. A shoe with a minimum of three layers of insole (composite insole) should be preferred in comparison with a single layer. Thickness of insole should be minimum 12mm with an arch support in the middle of the insole to accommodate our foot arches to disperse the pressure evenly.

Microcellular polymers like poron ,plastazote,EVA are the better products that would disperse the foot pressure. 

Customized insoles can be prepared based on the doctor's consultation, known as orthotics.

After making a foot imprint out of a foam, plaster of mold is taken and then insole proper is made from that POP mould.


It should be hard enough to counteract any foreign body like thorns, nails and shall sharp stones.

A footwear with longer length out sole should be preferred that provides maximum protection with a non-slip pattern.

TOE BOX – The toe box should be wide that provides enough space for the toe movements without any discomfort. 

Narrow pointed shoes should be avoided as Toe deformities are common on diabetic patients.

The widest part of the shoe should rightly match with the widest part of the foot wear. 

HEEL COUNTER – the covering around the heel keeps the foot straight while patient walks.

Footwear with a flat, stiff, and durable heel counter that provides support and prevents ankle sprains should be considered.

It reduces the unwanted ankle joint movements. 

Apart from those mentioned above try to buy footwear with soft, stretchable leather with a proper fit. One should take the socks into account when they use it.

It is advised to shop shoes in the latter part of the day as diabetic feet usually swell as the day progresses.


Your podiatrist is the best person to recommend what type of footwear suits you based on your foot examination. For effective treatment of all your diabetic foot related problems contact the MADURAI FOOTCARE CENTRE.


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Blog Reviewed By: Dr.G.Saravanakumar
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